The Santa Barbara Youth Sailing Foundation programs range from introduction to sailing to support of racing at the highest level of youth competition.

Sailing programs are organized each year into Spring, Summer and Fall semesters. The Spring and Fall semesters include organized after-school sailing instruction for both High School sailors and Optimist Fleet sailors (ages 6-18). The Summer Semester includes five, 2-week sessions with morning classes for introduction to sailing and classes in the afternoon for more advanced sailing. Sailors interested in racing have the opportunity to participate in out of town regattas with their respective SBYSF Fleet throughout the year. 

By training and participating in youth sailing regattas, our team is prepared to compete in US, International and College level racing. SBYSF is committed to supporting Regattas and Events throughout California and the US.

There are tuition fees for semesters and sessions and out of town events have some associated costs for each sailor—limited grants are available from the Foundation for these out of town events and limited Scholarships are available from the Santa Barbara Yacht Club Women’s Group (SBYCW).

Enjoy an article on SBYSF published in Spring-Summer Montecito Magazine by Cheryl Crabtree with art by Gail McBride Kenny & Christine Flannery. Thanks to Montecito Magazine for permission to add this to our site.